At 8th Street Entertainment, we believe continuing education is vital to the success of any business. We work tirelessly to continuously refine our skills. All of our DJs/MCs are ESE certified, which means they’ve been trained extensively in sound dynamics, professionalism, song selection & transitioning, turntable skills, vocal performance & more. We understand the importance of being the Master of Ceremony and will work with you to make your event amazing!

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I began entertaining weddings almost exclusively in 2006, and started my own company in 2010. My mission was to offer the absolute best DJ service, offering each couple and their guests a one of a kind wedding experience! Going above and beyond every expectation!

I still hold to these principles, and having learned what I've learned and having the passion to do the work, 8th Street Entertainment continues to achieve success, year after year! I am thankful for every opportunity we get to help create long lasting, positive memories for our clients!

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"DJ Dave" McMahon

As a young child, I remember watching my uncle DJ events, and being inspired by the way the music and his demeanor would effect the people in the room. Since then, I've developed a deep passion for music, and the impact it can have on people.

As an adult, I began working for a very successful DJ company. During this time, I was able to learn more about the business aspects of being a DJ.